Ragnar’s wives and children

It is somewhat unclear which wife’s was the mother of the various sons. Svanloga or Svanløg as mentioned in Saxo, might even be the same person as Aslauga. Hvidsærk at least has been mentioned as son of both women!

The saga of Ragnar

Wives and children as mentioned in the saga of Ragnar 
1- Þóra/Thora "borgarhjörtr" Herraudsdatter 
There is not mentioned any specific children here, but in reference to the tale of Auslaug Kraka and her sons with Ragnar two brothers are named, Erik and Agnar.
2- Auslaug "Kraka" Sigurdsdatter
According to this saga they had four sons. Ivar, Bjørn, HVitserk and Rognvald.

Saga of Ragnars sons

Wives and children as mentioned in the saga of Ragnars sons.
1- Þóra/Thora "borgarhjörtr" Herraudsdatter 
Thora. Here again the sons are mentioned as Stepchildren of Aslaug "Kraka", but since Thora was Ragnas wife before Aslaug. Erik and Agnar of this tale must be her sons.
2- Auslaug "Kraka" Sigurdsdatter
Aslaug "Kraka" Sigurdsdatter: Here four sons. Sigurd "Worm in Eye", Bjørn "Ironside", Hvitserk and Ivar "Boneless"
3-Unknown mother? Besides from these sons. Two brothers was mentioned as Ivars brothers born out of Wedlock!, Yngvar and Husto/Ubba

Saxos Gesta Danorum

Wives and children as mentioned in Gesta Danorum:


1- Lagertha / Ladgerd / Hlaðgerðr 

two daughters of unknown name, one son Fridleif.

2- Þóra/Thora "borgarhjörtr" Herraudsdatter

six sons Radbard, Dunvat, Sivard, Bjørn, Agnar and Ivar.

3- Svanløg / Svanloga 

three sons Ragnald, Hvitserk and Erik.

4- Unnamed mother of Ubbe: Ragnar father’s Ubbe with a unnamed female. However the father of this woman is later mentioned as Ubbas grandfather Esbern, who tries to go for the throne himself.


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